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Selected as best anti-snoring pillow by Indy Best

We were delighted to beat off competition from 8 other pillows to be selected as The Independent’s best anti-snore pillow


“Are you one of the 15 million Brits who snore? Or perhaps you’re a long-suffering partner of a snorer? Then this one’s for you…

Snoring has a number of causes, and can be a serious health problem. Partial blockages anywhere between the tip of the nose to the vocal cords can create this vibration in the airways, resulting in loud noises.

Ultimately, while snoring can’t be completely stopped, it can be managed. Lifestyle factors such as quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol and losing weight can all help reduce snoring. Sleeping position also plays a part, with doctors recommending side sleeping as the best position to reduce snoring.

“Many people who sleep on their back suffer from snoring, as in this position, the chest is under the most pressure,” says Dr Nerina Ramlakhan, sleep expert for mattress company, Silentnight. “Try sleeping on your side to open up your airways and you should see an improvement in your levels of snoring.”

Many anti-snore pillows are designed to help train snorers to sleep in this position, while others help to improve airflow and reduce congestion by lifting the head.”

Levitex offers a new breed of foam pillows. This unique foam feels as supportive as memory foam, but is more lightweight, pushing the head up, instead of cradling it. So, the description of “gravity defying” feels quite appropriate.

The pillow is designed to fit perfectly in the hollow of your neck and shoulder when lying on your side, with four different sized pillows to accommodate small to extra large bodies. The foam is not temperature sensitive, so you’ll sleep soundly from summer to winter. Levitex warns that it may take up to two weeks to acclimatise to the unique feel, however, after just three nights our reviewers were sleeping through the night.

Our reviewers gave the pillow top marks in terms of comfort, restfulness and feel, waking up each morning without any shoulder or neck pain. The form and design made side-sleeping a breeze all night, resulting in a low snore score every night.