Anywhere Pillow: The Inflatable 100% Levitex Foam Travel Pillow


It’s ready to fit in your hand luggage and go Anywhere with you.

Anywhere is a compressible Levitex foam-filled travel pillow that comes in four sizes to address your individual sleep posture.

It supports your head as you sleep and comes in a neat travel pouch. Once ready to sleep, open the air valve and let the pillow fully expand. Once the pillow expands to full height, gently press your fist into it (about 1cm in) and seal the valve back up. Voilà! Now you can optimise your sleep Anywhere, with a Levitex pillow just half the size of our original.

When you’re ready to go again, just roll it up, squeeze all the air out of the pillow and reclose the valve.

Of course, it’s available in four sizes – because pillows, much like flip flops, are not one-size-fits-all. Ready to go Anywhere?

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Small (8cm), Medium (10cm), Large (12cm), Extra Large (14cm)


100% Levitex foam. The outer material is wipe clean only.


The Anywhere pillow comes with:
-a puncture kit in case it has an accident with a particularly sharp object
-a band to hold it together when it's folded up
-a neat travel pouch

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