Do your clients ask you to recommend a pillow?

How many of your clients suffer from neck pain?
Do you prescribe a pillow? Now you can…

The Levitex® pillow is engineered to support the neck and improve sleeping posture.

Available in four depths from 8 – 14cm and contoured to fit close to your patient’s shoulder in order to support their neck and improve their sleeping position.

Become a reseller with our Levitex® therapy pack

Four sample pillows to use in clinic allowing patients to try and for you to prescribe the optimum size.

Leaflets and posters to advertise Levitex® Pillows to your patients in your waiting room.

A unique tracking and shipping code for your patient’s to use on

– for every online sale using your unique code you will earn 20% commission

Alternatively, why not stock Levitex® Pillows and earn even more?

Contact for further information on our stockist or reseller scheme.

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Watch Chartered Physiotherapist Rivka Goldblatt discuss her experience as a Levitex Reseller