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Clinicains: Meet the intervention your patients need

Sleep is the time for an intervention, and sleep posture is the solution

For Physiotherapists, Sports Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Private G.P’s, Nutritionists.

About two thirds of the population will experience neck pain at some point in theirĀ lives, wouldn’t it be ideal to confidently recommend a pillow that continues all the good work you do in clinic, at home?

Let us send you a FREE pillow to try for yourself – then you can recommend with confidence.

Become a reseller of Levitex pillows in your practice and you could

– earn 20% commission per pillow order

– make 50% profit on stocked pillow sales

Book a sleep consultation

Order the therapy pack with all four pillow sizes to demonstrate for just Ā£150.

Our Therapy Pack includes:
Four Sizes of Levitex Pillow (First free on consultation)
Advertising literature for your clinic
Social media pack
Unique customer code to redeem on website
Customer support
Listed as a stockist

Available in four depths from 8 – 14cm and contoured to fit close to your patientā€™s shoulder in order to support their neck and improve their sleeping position.

Watch Chartered Physiotherapist Rivka Goldblatt discuss her experience as a Levitex Reseller