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Care Instructions

Dear Levitex Dreamer,

The touch and feel of our pillow and mattress is unlike anything you have used before. After four years of tireless research with University of Salford, UCLAN and our own medical director we are now ready to make a difference to how you sleep and your sleep quality.

  • Our physiotherapists recommend you give the pillow at least two weeks to fully enjoy all the benefits as we strive to be prescribed as the leading pillow in the prevention of neck pain. We therefore will give you 44 days to return if you are unhappy, rather than the usual 30.
  • Our pillows and mattresses are made of 100% Levitex Foam Technology.
  • Unlike other foams, Levitex is not temperature sensitive so the performance of the product will not change if you like your bedroom hot or cold!
  • The products may have a residual smell which will naturally disappear after a period of time. You can air them out in a well-ventilated room to aid the process.
  • The mattress will rebound to the original shape in 8-10 hours after unsealing the vacuumed packing. Small creases may take longer to recover depending on the room conditions.
  • Do not put hard and sharp objects onto the product.
  • The inner foam pillow must not be washed – however, the pillow cover can be washed in a standard washing machine, please check the washing instructions on the label.

3 year guarantee

The Levitex pillow has a 3 year warranty, which covers any factory faults that may develop. This does not cover regular wear and tear.

Known allergens

Polyethylene glycol (PEGs)

Levitex® Foam does not contain Polyethylene glycol, commonly found in foams.


Levitex® Foam does not contain latex


Our pillow covers are made from cooling blue nylon. These can be removed.

FR Tested to comply with BS5852, 7177 Crib 5.