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“I see patients with chronic neck and back pain everyday. One of the first things I ask is ‘How do you sleep?’ – correct sleep positioning is one of the most meaningful things you can do for your pain – and that’s whether you suffer from chronic back pain, arthritis,  fibromyalgia or neck injuries like whiplash.”

– Dr Ilan Lieberman, Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician with UHSM & our Medical Director.

Previous Clinical Studies

An innovation in pressure redistribution and comfort.

Jo-Anne Webb MSc, Dip COT, ROT, FHEA 

Senior Lecturer, Directorate of Occupational Therapy, University of Salford.

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Aims of the study: 

  • To investigate the impact of using the Levitex foam mattress and Levitex foam mattress topper on interface pressure, temperature and comfort in lying.
  • To explore the possibility of a relationship between perceived comfort and pressure redistribution qualities of the Levitex foam mattress and topper.
  • To compare the differences in interface pressure, temperature and comfort rating when lying on a range of mattresses compared with the Levitex products.

Research Methodology:

Laboratory-based experimental study to investigate the interface pressures exhibited on 27 volunteers, Age 20-49, BMI: Range 19.53 – 49.84

Whilst lying on a range of mattresses, using a within subjects’ comparative design. In addition to interface pressure data to compare pressure redistribution qualities of the different mattress surfaces, participants completed a questionnaire for each surface to collect further data to evaluate comfort, heat distribution and collect their personal preferences and perception of relaxation and the ability to get a good night’s sleep.

100% of participants found the Levitex® foam mattress comfortable.


The Levitex® mattress gained very positive feedback regarding comfort and softness with more of a balance presented between firmness and softness provided. There was less of a feeling of envelopment.

“Good pressure distribution.” “Weight evenly distributed…felt very light…made me fall asleep very easily.” Felt support through the mattress, felt relaxed…I loved this one, one of the comfiest ones I tried.” “It was the perfect firmness” “Felt like my lower body was floating, enough space to move around.”

headshot of rivka goldblatt physiotherapist

“I’ve found that the position people sleep in at night can really affect the pain they’re in. For example, if you sleep on your front, it can really exacerbate neck pain. It puts a lot of strain on the little joints in your neck. Get the right support for side lying, and sometimes that can be enough to resolve the pain. I love having something that I know can help my patients, and that’s where Levitex comes in.”

– Rivka Goldblatt, Physiotherapist (Oakley Physio)


The Levitex® topper was identified as being rated statistically more comfortable than the memory foam topper when used over the hospital mattress and the Levitex mattress was scored significantly higher for comfort when compared to the memory foam mattress. The highest significance was noted when adding the Levitex® topper to the hospital mattress, closely followed by the impact of using the Levitex® topper over the sprung mattress and the airflow dynamic system.


Participants felt more relaxed on the Levitex® mattress overall. When comparing relaxation between the 2 toppers and the hospital mattress, participants found the Levitex® topper made them feel more relaxed when compared to the memory foam and using the levitex topper over the sprung mattress increased the relaxation score significantly.


In this study the Levitex® foam topper was shown to:

  • Redistribute pressure effectively
  • Increase levels of perceived comfort
  • Increase perceived levels of relaxation
  • Reduce mean pressure and both sacral and heel PPI’s when used over hospital foam, sprung mattress and dynamic mattresses

Levitex® foam performs very well with regard to redistribution of pressure, whilst increasing comfort without causing an increase in temperature or moisture.

“I’ve recently encountered two patients who were in a car crash. They were struggling with neck pain, shoulder pain, whiplash and the neck feeling like it’s locking. This impacted on their quality of life and put them in an awful lot of pain – one of them with pain radiating down the left arm. This had a tremendous impact on their mood and sleep. They both say Levitex pillows are the best thing they’ve ever found – with lots of support in the right place. They’re now able to sleep through the night and the pain is virtually gone.”

– Jo-Anne Webb MSc, Dip COT, ROT, FHEA