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YouTuber Life with Dylan reviews revolutionary foam pillow

Feel rested to take on the day…

Life in your twenties can be full of trials and tribulations, adventures and discoveries. With lots of opportunities lying ahead, forging a path through it all can seem overwhelming.

With so much time navigating through the day, it’s even more important that a good quality sleep is had in order to rest the body and mind.

So what better person to find out how a busy twenty something is sleeping than lifestyle YouTuber, Life with Dylan.

When it comes to understanding how to budget and optimise his living situation, Dylan is definitely on the money.

So, we were keen to see if Dylan put as much focus on his daytime activities as he did his night time activities, and whether he thought our sleep posture pillow  was good value.

After receiving a sleep consultation and a Levitiex pillow, we were so pleased to hear that Dylan found his quality of sleep improved. Feeling more rested meant he felt more productive and happy throughout his day.

When reflecting on the impact his Levitex pillow has had on him Dylan said

“They sent me out this pillow, I started using it for about two weeks now. It’s nice and thick – and I actually can say the quality of my sleep is definitely better.”

Check out the full review below! Or click here to watch on YouTube.