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Why do Levitex pillows come in different sizes?

Pillow shopping used to be simple, right? You would just roll into Ikea or John Lewis and find one that felt comfortable.

Why? Because for a hundred years, we’ve been sold on comfort as the sole consideration for the choice of a pillow.

Sleep is about so much more than comfort though – it’s the time for your body to recover and rest. So, it’s key that the pillow you choose supports you in doing just that, while STILL being comfortable.

Why do pillows need to come in different sizes?

four different sizes of pillows stacked on top of one another

Once we’ve appreciated that the right pillow for you is about more than just comfort, we can start thinking about what you’d like it to do for you while you sleep.

To us, the answer is clear:

  • Pressure relief
  • Postural management
  • Proprioceptive feedback

Pressure relief is simple. Proprioceptive feedback is not, but the unique qualities of Levitex foam take care of it.

It’s the postural management that necessitates pillows come in different sizes.

Think of it this way.

In theory, both the shortest person alive and the tallest person alive, could very well walk into a shop and buy the same pillow. But would they ever be able to buy the same pair of shoes?

How could the same pillow be right for two people of such drastically different sizes? Much like shoes, it’s not.

To ensure that your pillow optimises your posture as you sleep, you need to find one that perfectly fills the space between your head and your mattress.

And the size of the pillow that a person needs to fill that space will depend on their body size, just like physiotherapist Rivka Goldblatt explains below.

What’s my pillow size?

Finding your own pillow size will depend on three key factors: your sleeping position, your height, and your build.

For example, if you’re a side sleeper, you will need a larger pillow than if you were a back sleeper – simply because the space to fill between your head and the mattress is smaller when you sleep on your back.

We know it’s a lot to figure out, so we’ve built a tool that finds your size for you. Just answer a few questions, and let it do the rest.