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Coming Soon

Hey, America! If you love our sleep posture pillows, we will bring you our mattress.
Let us know if you are particularly eager to get your hands (and back) on it by popping us an email.

Why can’t we just ship the mattress to you?

Unfortunately, UK mattress sizes and US mattress sizes don’t quite line up, so we would need to produce a whole new size range. We are getting to the point of being able to do it, but we aren’t there just yet.

What if I REALLY want a mattress RIGHT NOW?

For now, our solution is producing custom-sized mattresses for the US (thankfully we are able to do this at prices lower than what you think when you hear ‘custom’). If you’d like a quote for a custom mattress, please email us.

To give you an example, a US King size last worked out at £1679 with delivery (depending on exchange rates, this is around $1800-1900).

The lead time is around 6-8 weeks.