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Welcome to Levitex. Discover sleeping surfaces that work on your posture as you sleep

What if your sleeping surface worked for you and corrected your sleep posture, all while you rest? We believe it should, and we have invented the optimum sleeping surface that does just that.

Welcome to the world of Levitex-optimised sleep.

You spend a third of your life asleep. We take care of your sleep posture while you rest.

optimum sleeping surface for sleep posture

From a young age, we are encouraged to correct our day posture: stand up straight, not slouch, and sit properly. We spend money on ergonomic office chairs, and posture correcting devices.

It is time to think of your sleep posture

 At Levitex, we have developed a foam formulation that we call ‘the optimum surface for sleep’.
It supports your body as you rest, while optimising your sleep posture.

Levitex foam provides pressure relief for comfort and resistance for support. Our foam fights your bad day time posture while you sleep. It does not accommodate bad posture. Instead, fights it.

Are you ready to optimise your sleep?

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The Levitex® Pillow

Engineered, supportive, and tailored to fit your sleeping position in order to improve your natural sleep posture. Available in four sizes, to match you.

optimising sleep posture pillow

Experts at night time positioning

Collectively, they possess a lifetime of experience in postural care and chronic pain management. Levitex’s founder, James, and medical director, Ilan, are the people you want taking care of your sleep posture.

We get it, Levitex is a new kid on the block, and you may not trust us yet. However, we are are quite certain that you will love our sleep surface if you give it a chance.

In fact, we are so sure that we give you a five year warranty on all of our products.

Hands Up! 

If you sleep in a weird and wonderful position we want to hear from you!

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Fantastic comfort! I literally can’t sleep anywhere without it! Well worth every penny!


Love, Love, Love our Levitex


At first it get a little alien, but after a few days I was sleeping like a baby!


Had my first nights sleep on my Levitex, awoke feeling more refreshed and no neck stiffness in the morning. My sleep tracker shows much longer periods of deep sleep! 💤 Amazing

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close up of levitex foam
levitex foam for sleep posture

What is sleep posture?

Sleep posture is the position of your body while you sleep. Sleeping correctly helps the muscles and ligaments in your body relax and heal. Good sleep posture happens when your back and neck are in neutral alignment.

By sleeping in the optimum, aligned position, you reduce the stress and pressure on your body. This allows you a more restful sleep, and an ache-free wake up.


Sleep posture is the position of your body when you sleep. Correct sleep posture helps your muscles and ligaments relax. Our CEO and posture expert James explains how Levitex differs from what is currently on the market…

Good sleep posture happens when your back and neck are in a neutral alignment. Sleeping on the correct pillow can help you achieve this. Aim for a sleeping surface that relieves pressure. Physiotherapist Rivka Goldblatt goes into further detail…

The best aid for posture is sleeping on a surface that helps your posture as you rest, rather than making it worse. Chartered physiotherapist Rivka Goldblatt explains why Levitex pillows come in four sizes…

If your posture issues are still manageable, you should see a physiotherapist who will help you manage your posture.  However, in cases of serious posture issues, you may need to see a Pain Medicine Specialist. It is recommended that you proactively support your posture with a good sleeping surface.

A physiotherapist discusses her experience working with patient’s with neck and back pain issues caused by working from home…

No, memory form remembers your sleeping position. This makes it impossible to improve your spinal alignment. Our CEO James explains more…