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The benefits of a Posture Mattress

You will spend roughly a third of your life on a mattress. With so many mattresses on the market it can be difficult to make the correct buying decision.

Finding the correct balance between comfort and support that will accommodate your body type and sleeping position, is crucial in the decision making process.

We can’t always control the quantity of sleep you get as this can be influenced by a myriad of external factors. 

However, what you can do is find the lying surface that helps you achieve the best possible quality of sleep.

A mattress like that should consider not that should consider not just comfort and pressure relief, but also support and posture – enabling you to reap the benefit of getting a good quality sleep every night. First let’s understand some common issues found in other mattresses.

Degrade over time

Spring mattresses are designed to push back. If something is pushing back all the time and you are pushing against it, eventually it will start to degrade.

What once was a flat surface, when weight is added the degraded springs will not support that same weight to the same extent – resulting in sagging.

Your body will fall into this shape causing aches on pressure points in the hips, pelvis and shoulders.

Degraded spring on a mattress

Comfort is not necessarily good for you

You may feel you’re comfortable on your existing mattress, but ask yourself is comfort good for you? When you’re comfortable slouching on the sofa watching TV is this really best for your posture?

Most likely not.

So when it comes to your mattress, comfortable is a tricky word. Some mattresses can feel comfortable, but are not offering the adequate support your spine needs.

This causes unnatural curvature while you sleep leading to common problems such as back pain.  Of course you should be comfortable – but it shouldn’t be the only requirement for a mattress.

Woman on bed with back pain

Temperature sensitive

Now there’s a place for memory foam, but it has certain qualities that leave it lacking in its ability to offer all bodies the support required to aid better sleep posture.

When looking at support, the very nature of memory foam causes it to adsorb temperature and in turn soften and mould to the body.

If you’re somebody who finds themselves hot in bed then your body temperature will constantly affect the stability and strength of the memory foam surface. Imagine it’s like an elastic band, the more you stretch it the weaker it will become.

Handprint on memory foam mattress

Sinking feeling

Often mattresses are not firm enough to adequately support your body weight. As a result they tend to sink under the weight, losing the ability to provide balanced pressure.

This often occurs in one particular part of the bed due to consistent sleeping positions causing sustained aches and pains with that particular part of the body that is in contact with the mattress.

A lot of them also dip in the middle within the first year (bed in a box brands are the worst offenders for this).

How Levitex sleep posture mattress combats these problems


Sinking feeling

With the Levitex mattress you won’t sink into the bed. Instead you will retain a straight body to surface contact. All the various natural bumps and curvatures of the body will stay aligned to the surface.

This mattress was designed with specially formulated foam that offers pressure relieving qualities as well as resistance. It offers comfort and pressure relief, but not at the expense of you sinking into the bed, leading to curvature of the spine.

Man lying on side on the bed


Stability on a mattress is key. Imagine how difficult it is to sit up and manoeuvre when on a waterbed for example. We’ve designed, researched and engineered our mattress to support your sleep posture. We want you to be able to maintain all your activities, eg. your ability to roll out of bed without it being a challenge.

Girl on lying on the bed with teddy

Simplicity and science

Simplicity is key and that’s why we have designed our mattress without any bells or whistles. No springs, no quadrants, no multiple layers etc.

Our mattress offers crucial support for good sleep posture simply through its two foam layers.

Levitex foam sits at the top, offering the support, comfort and pressure relieving qualities, whilst the second high resistance foam at the bottom forms the base to give it further support.

That’s it. No more gimmicks!

Levitex foam particles

Not temperature sensitive

The clinically proven, pressure reducing, posture improving Levitex foam mattress does not contain any springs that can degrade over time.

Instead it was designed with the main focus on performance . The properties of the foam are the same regardless of where you use it, how long you use it for – allowing for a consistent lying surface.

Comfort and sleep quality

We’ve invested a lot of time and conducted independent clinical research into the  sleep surface you lie on, and the way you should optimise your sleeping position.

Our clinically trialed and proven Levitex foam offers more pressure relief, postural management and proprioception qualities over existing mattresses.

This means we can be comfortable and improve the quality of our sleep – they are not mutually exclusive.

Try the Levitex mattress yourself

With over 400 customers giving us an Excellent review, we’re confident that you’ll also benefit from purchasing a Levitex mattress and wake up rested and free from back pain.

To give you even more peace of mind we offer a 5 year guarantee and a 44 day trial (Within mainland UK). Don’t wait any longer, experience a supported and restful night’s sleep today.

mattress 44 day trial and 5 year guarantee