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Optimise your posture.

Wake up free from pain.


“I see patients with chronic neck and back pain everyday. One of the first things I ask is ‘How do you sleep?’ – correct sleep positioning is one of the most meaningful things you can do for your pain – and that’s whether you suffer from chronic back pain, arthritis,  fibromyalgia or neck injuries like whiplash.”

– Dr Ilan Lieberman, Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician with UHSM & our Medical Director.

headshot of dr ilan lieberman

Address the core problem

The optimum pillow for pain relief and good sleep posture

Posture? It is the eternal fight against gravity. When you sleep, why would you want your head to sink into a pillow?  That would be helping gravity, not counteracting it.

Levitex pillows help your sleep posture and back and neck pain by aiding your fight against gravity.

Here’s what good sleep posture can help with:

Reduce your neck and back pain

Improve your digestion and circulation

Lessen tension in neck and shoulders

Boost your energy levels

Increase your lung capacity

Increase your core strength

Decrease snoring

Welcome to the revolutionary world of Levitex foam pillows.

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“I’ve found that the position people sleep in at night can really affect the pain they’re in. For example, if you sleep on your front, it can really exacerbate neck pain. It puts a lot of strain on the little joints in your neck. Get the right support for side lying, and sometimes that can be enough to resolve the pain. I love having something that I know can help my patients, and that’s where Levitex comes in.”

– Rivka Goldblatt, Physiotherapist (Oakley Physio)

headshot of rivka goldblatt physiotherapist

Improve your sleep posture

We are the posture experts, and we have designed a pillow that solves the core problem 

The story of Levitex begins with James. Our founder has dedicated his working life to helping critically injured and acutely ill patients with their postural care, including chronic back and neck pain.

James saw the benefits of maintaining a good sleep posture first-hand and realised that no one was talking about it. So, he teamed up with Dr Ilan Lieberman, a Pain Medicine Consultant and Clinician. Together, they developed Levitex Foam, and what would later become the Levitex pillow.

“I’ve recently encountered two patients who were in a car crash. They were struggling with neck pain, shoulder pain, whiplash and the neck feeling like it’s locking. This impacted on their quality of life and put them in an awful lot of pain – one of them with pain radiating down the left arm. This had a tremendous impact on their mood and sleep. They both say Levitex pillows are the best thing they’ve ever found – with lots of support in the right place. They’re now able to sleep through the night and the pain is virtually gone.”

– Jo-Anne Webb MSc, Dip COT, ROT, FHEA 

For perfect posture and a pain free life

The Levitex® Pillow

Could something so simple be so good? Yes, and the benefits are here for you to reap. There is no fancy shape. In fact, we thought it would make sense to design our pillow to fit into any regular pillowcase.

Similarly, there is no fancy piping. Just an ergonomically shaped pillow, filled with our patented Levitex Foam.

Our pillows are amazing at preventing pain in the morning, but they are also amazing at tackling its core causes. We address the main problems with sleep: posture, pressure and proprioception. In other words, your ideal sleep starts at the head of the bed, on a pillow that actually supports your head. This enables perfect spine alignment, which is why you wake up feeling so good and rested. If you have never heard of good sleep posture before, you are about to become obsessed with its benefits. We are so sure of our products, we also give you a 5 year warranty on the pillow.

Find your perfect size now, or take our 1 minute sleep quiz.

female sleeping on her back


for people that fall asleep on their back or for children.


female sleeping on her side


for people with a small frame (typically females under 5’4″ and males below 5’6″) who fall asleep on their side or larger males (above 5’10”) on their back.


large female sleeping on her side


recommended for people with a medium frame (typically females above 5’4″ and males between 5’6″ and 5’9″) who fall asleep on their side.


large male sleeping-on-the-side

Extra Large

recommended for people with a larger frame (typically males above 5’10”) who fall asleep on their side.



What is all the fuss really about?

Revolutionary Levitex® Foam to help your posture and neck and back pain

We have developed our revolutionary foam pillow with postural care specialists, pain medicine consultants, physios, and professional athletes. So, we could use a lot of fancy words to describe it. However, the truth of its main feature is very simple.

Levitex foam is soft like traditional memory foam, but firm like a sprung mattress, all in one composition. At 25% compression (light squeeze) the softness takes all the pressure off your body. However, at 65% compression (firm squeeze), the firmness supports your body and maintains your posture.

In conclusion, Levitex pillows are truly as close to gravity defying as you can get on Earth.

graph illustrating neck pain relief

Comparison of Levitex® Pillow with typical pillow types

comparison of levitex vs other pillow types

“I have had a bad neck for the last year, had scans, physio, changed the mattress, started yoga and tried every pillow available. Sent the ‘bed-in-a-box’ mattress and pillows back as they weren’t working for me, so I was sceptical over another type of foam.

The Levitex Pillow has made a real difference to my sleep and in turn my neck. It stops me from moving too much while I sleep and movement in my neck has improved substantially.”

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A pain-free neck and back, as researched by

Levitex® Mattress

Pair your pillow with the Levitex mattress. Available in four standard sizes.



The best pillow for neck and back pain will support your head properly, enabling perfect spine alignment. It will be soft enough to take the pressure off your body, yet firm enough to  support your head and maintain a good posture.

When choosing the best pillow for neck and back pain, avoid ‘one size fits all’ solutions. Since everyone’s body is different, look for a neck and back pain pillow that will allow you to pick the size perfect for you.

Sleeping on the right pillow can greatly help you alleviate neck and back pain, thanks to ensuring that your sleep posture is optimised. This way, even if your posture is less than ideal during the day, your body can rest and restore properly during the night.

Sleeping on your back, while using the right pillow, can help alleviate pressure on your spine. Sleeping on your side or front tends to put a lot of pressure on your back, and sometimes knees too.

It is possible that the cause of your morning neck pain is an incorrect sleeping posture. If you sleep on a pillow that is too soft, or too firm, your neck is likely positioned wrong throughout the night. This causes neck pain once you wake up, as your body did not get to rest properly as you slept.

Consider your body frame, the firmness of your mattress, and your sleeping position. For example, if you sleep on your back and are of a small frame, you will need a smaller pillow than someone who is of a larger frame and sleeps on their side.