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Levitex team up with NQ London

A seemingly unlikely match has been made between a Manchester inventor and a leading London handbag designer. The invention is Levitex, a patent pending innovation in polyurethane foam technology developed at Manchester Science Park and formed into a range of ground breaking pillows, mattress toppers and mattresses. NQ London, are the vegan and animal cruelty free handbag and luggage label who are taking the lead with their all neoprene collection. Together they have designed a modern and conscientious way to travel with the essential Levitex Gravity Defying Pillow.

NQ London, is a concept and ideal born after packing for a trip abroad highlighted that there wasn’t a cruelty free structured alternative to a leather carry-all. The neoprene material used for the Levitex pillow carry bag is a synthetic rubber, developed in the 1930’s, that is tough and resistant. This collaboration creates an inspiring alliance which is being trialed in the first instance by Sale Sharks, the north of England’s Premiership rugby team who will take the Levitex pillows to away games and for the lucky few, to the World Cup in September.

Levitex call it ‘the optimum surface for sleep’ as they address three vital factors when choosing a mattress and pillow that contribute to a better night’s sleep – posture, pressure and proprioception, which can vastly improve neck and spine alignment and prevent and ease neck and back pain. Think about it, we all work away a lot, stay at other people’s houses, even have hospital stays and sleep on any old pillow, so one of the first things you are going to experience is a stiff neck. It’s an everyday problem with a simple solution. Levitex’ CEO James Leinhardt, who is a postural expert, believes the future is to take your own pillow away with you when you travel and take control of your own sleep quality and well-being. Poor sleep, aches and pains makes for a bad day.

Together Levitex and NQ London are united in their passion to make a difference.