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Kickstarter success!

Gravity defiers,

We have just smashed it! So proud to tell you that we reached target in just 4 days!! Absolutely blown away by the support of backers from Manchester to Mozambique, friends, family and Kickstarter community!!!

The purpose of this Kickstarter was truly to get the importance of posture on the map! This is just the beginning though! We implore you to spread the word and tell all your friends about our campaign, if we can demonstrate how seriously the Kickstarter community take posture, we can make some really meaningful change in the way we think about choosing our lying surface and the impact it can have on sleep quality and in particular our posture, pressure and proprioceptionÔÇŽ

Thank you thank you thank you

The Levitex dreamers ­čĺĄ

You can still back us on Kickstarter until the 1st November – grab your own gravity defying pillow.