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Katy Marchant reveals the upside to lockdown training

Team GB track cyclist and Rio Olympic medallist Katy Marchant reveals the upside to training during lockdown


“Lockdown provided unexpected opportunities to explore new areas of cycling for me. Obviously, we’d be having a different conversation if the Olympics had gone ahead, but I did get a chance to explore road riding much more and I feel I’ve physically and mentally benefitted from it.”


“As a track cyclist, much of my training is sprint-focused, so during the road rides I’ve been targeting a few stretches – especially shorter hills – where I can really open up. I know plenty of riders who love the undulating terrain around where I live in the Yorkshire countryside. I enjoy it, but for a sprinter it’s not quite got the same appeal.”


“I’ve been road riding with my fiancé – getting him out on the bike has been fun. Or I’ll ride with friends locally and team-mates, but they’re all based in Manchester. I’m not really a bike geek – I have a Cervelo S5 with Di2, but other than that, I just know it’s red and black and looks great after a clean-up, and that’s it!”


“I’m not from a cycling background. I trained as a heptathlete under Toni Minichiello, Jessica Ennis-Hill’s coach. He spotted my cycling potential during Wattbike tests and recommended me to British Cycling. I now train at Manchester Velodrome and in the gym – which is tough for an outdoorsy type – but our coach takes us out on the roads where possible.”


“We’ve done a few winter training camps in South Africa – mainly in velodromes – but my dream ride would be on the coastal roads out there. As much as I used to love running, I find cycling so much more enjoyable when you want to explore a place, especially when the sun’s out.”

Katy is one of a number of pro athletes using Levitex sleep-for-sport recovery products;

Via – Cycling Plus Magazine